This project is a series of portraits, capturing how my son with tactile and

kinesthetic tendencies, and little interpersonal communication interacts

with the environment around him. His acts of creation mirror the aesthetics of art practice, such as the

intentional use of color, the compositional arrangement of objects, and how these elements interrelate

with their surroundings. He makes patterns, building worlds imbued with mystique and imagination,

and I act as a documentarian and co-creator of the resulting conceptions - portraits and still lifes.

Secondarily, the creations in the images represent the manifestations of a brilliant mind, despite,

or perhaps because of, my son being on the autistic spectrum. The making of photographs is a way

for parent and child to communicate by aligning our imaginative capacities on the unusual

configuration of various objects in the real world. It is a form of communication that

relates not only to childhood, but also to the complementary aesthetics of a parent trained in the craft,

and a child naturally inclined to create art, intentionally and unintentionally.